Sell PrestaShop modules

Sell PrestaShop modules

Recently Prestashop addons marketplace shoot in its foot and increase the modules minimum price of all Prestashop modules to 49,99€ (excluding taxes). Under the cover were removed hundreds of the great but not too complex modules. Dozens of Prestashop sellers affected. Yes, you read it right - the hundreds of modules were removed by the Prestashop team! They're reaching out to let sellers know that modules sold before are now removed from the catalog.

Prestashop validator

Addons sellers have also struggled with ridiculous validation processes affecting how modules are developed. All PrestaShop modules on sale on addons PrestaShop marketplace require to pass robots rules
I say all but under the hood, some bad practices are included, the PrestaShop partners can sell PrestaShop modules bypassing Prestashop validator rules.
Modules validator often reports false errors known by the PrestaShop team and community however all reported issues required to be fixed. Interesting that core PrestaShop modules in most cases fail to pass PrestaShop validator rules as well as partners modules.

According to PrestaShop official documentation developers MUST use the "nofilter" in SMARTY but outdated validator is still reporting it since 1.7 version released.

Prestashop developers are looking for addons marketplace alternatives.

Flagon Digital marketplace stands of the quality and working code and each module tested by the quality assurance team.

How to sell PrestaShop plugins and themes

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