How to sell digital products

Sell with Flagon Digital marketplace

Are you an app developer or creative maker? We’d like to help websites owners find and buy the right add-ons or media work and to help you sell these digital add-ons, scripts, android applications for sale, source code, music, clips, or pictures. Our main aim is to provide developers like you the platform to expose their templates, code to our growing community of buyers, agencies, and website owners in order to make sales easier and faster and create a new income stream for your freelancer business.

We take a low commission from Marketplace sales. For those who start selling source code, plugins, modules, add-ons and themes now, the commission will be reduced to 15%. You’ll also get free advertising in the Marketplace, and we’ll include some of your digital products and their short descriptions in our marketplace newsletter and blog articles, twits.

You can begin selling your code or creative artwork with a few simple steps

Buy and Sell any type of programming script, code, themes or artist work made by you have never been easier

how and where to sell digital products or media

1. Register. How much does it cost to join the flagon marketplace?

Sign up for an account. Becoming a seller is absolutely free and takes no costs from your side.

2. Open new shop and upload your digital work

Once your shop or item has been approved it will appear for sale. Please check our general file preparation guide.

3. Sell

Have your earnings transferred to your PayPal account. Our commission is only 15% (You receive a commission rate of 85%).

How often are commissions sent to me?

Payout every month for earnings amount over $100 USD.

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