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Per Item or Ship products individually From Modules!

This Prestashop module is created to imitate the Per Item or Ship products individually function for shipping cost calculations, specifically tailored for modules (excluding standard PrestaShop carriers) when the total cart weight exceeds the specified limit in the module. When the maximum weight is reached, the module calculates the shipping cost for each individual item.

Why exclude regular PrestaShop carriers?

PrestaShop allows administrators to effortlessly add new weight ranges to standard PrestaShop carriers without the need for overriding them.

Note this module does not affect the Parcel booking or Shipment order function at the time of PrestaShop order placement if you have such a function in your carrier.
Please contact us if your carrier is not yet supported and provide a carrier module for investigation.

PrestaShop Per Item Example

For example, if the module carrier (e. g. Sendle) maximum weight is 25kg. Set the 25 in this module settings below. If all products are car rims weighing 15kgs each, and customers typically purchase a minimum of 4 rims. During checkout, present a single delivery cost to your customers, while the module dynamically calculates the shipping cost for each of the 4 separate boxes.

The module is not overcomplicated, even with a mix of products, such as 23kg item and three 1kg products (total is 26kg) the module forces the carrier to calculate the cost for 4 separate boxes (23kg, 1kg, 1kg, 1kg)! This approach enhances compatibility with a wide range of shipping modules.

Server Requirements

  • PrestaShop 1.7+, Presta 8+
  • PrestaShop overrides enabled. Enable the override feature in the PrestaShop performance settings
  • Booking orders, shipping labels, creating packing slips and order import features may not work for orders where multiple packages! No refund if you ignore this requirement!


Version 1.0.0
External carrier modules max_weight override. Ship products in separate parcel
Software & Version required PS 1.7, 8+
Product version 1.0.0
Type Shipping and Logistics
Tags shipping, carrier, delivery, package

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