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PsiGate Prestashop module is a fast and seamless credit card PrestaShop checkout flow. This plugin is API integration with the easy setup with no programming skills for online businesses in Canada and the United States

If you are accepting credit card payments on PrestaShop online store, you need a merchant account. PSiGate provides both the Payment Gateway and merchant account for online businesses.

Secure, real-time transactions. With PSiGate our secure payment module communicates safe, encrypted transactions in real-time, providing both you and your customers with instant notification.

PsiGate provides Merchant accounts, credit card processing services for businesses across North America, Canada, and the US. The PSiGate Payment Gateway is the heart of our payment services, processing your customers’ transactions in a smooth, hassle-free experience. PsiGate is PCI certified and processes payments in Canadian and U.S. dollars for Internet merchant accounts. PsiGate accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, so your customers will have the choice of the biggest credit card names to pay with.

Server requirements

  • PHP 7 support!
  • CURL lib

How PsiGate Prestashop module works

  • The credit card form is shown to the buyer to enter the Prestashop payment details.
  • The buyer will enter the details and click 'Place Order'
  • The module sends this information to PSIGate Payment Gateway using Real-time XML API, without storing it anywhere in the shop.
  • PSIGate Payment Gateway will respond with failure or success.
  • On success, the transaction data is stored with the order and the buyer is shown the success page.
  • On error, the buyer is shown the error message and will remain on the checkout page so that they can make the necessary changes and try again.

Test PsiGate transactions

To process a transaction through the test account, pass the following control element values within your transaction requests:
StoreID: teststore
Passphrase: psigate1234

To review your test transactions, log in to with the following account information:
CID: 1000001
User: teststore
Pass: Testpass1234


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Version 1.0.0
Prestashop 1.7
Version 1.0.1
Identify card type from card number
Version 1.0.2
Debug mode display store id sent
Version 1.0.3
Cards validator improve
Software & Version required PrestaShop 1.7+
Product version 1.0.3
Type Payment Gateways
Tags pci, psi, UDS, CAD, credit, cards, debit, amex, visa, maestro, transaction, checkout

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