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Menu module which allows you to display a top navigation with nested categories product's manufacturers, tags and custom links menu.

ShopBy Menu allows to display a top navigation block with nested multi-level categories (up to 3 levels), product's manufacturers & list popular product's tags.

Give your customers ability to quickly find products for purchase. Customers can navigate your site easily by fast locating sub-category or brands or even popular product tags.

In addition to categories selection option you can add your custom links as well.

Menu is easy to customise: select categories and links you want to show, set main menu colours with backend color selector and you are ready to sell.


  • Easy to install
  • Show multi-level nested sub-categories
  • Display list of manufactures within category
  • Show popular tags assigned to your products
  • Friendly and flexible configuration - select categories or add links you want to display
  • Unlimited menu colours - easy to choose menu colors with backend color selector tool
  • Option to enable/disable brands or tags section
  • SEO urls support
  • Smarty Cache support - after first run menu cached and your store is fast
  • SSL support
  • multi language support
  • Optional setting to hide 3rd level categories to the ‘more’ section


Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.6, 7+, 8
  • GD PHP Extension


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– Version 1.0.0
– Version 1.2.4
Update: php code refactoring
– Version 1.2.5
Update: PS 1.7
– Version 1.2.6
Update: PS 8
Software & Version required Prestashop 1.6+ & 1.7+, 8+
Product version 1.2.6
Type Design and Navigation
Tags menu, categories, level, sub categories, tags

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