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Looking How to show full-category breadcrumbs on Abantecart products pages?

This plugin generates breadcrumb trails for your abantecart powered website.

Smart Breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs trail is a control element used as a navigational aid in customer interfaces. It allows customers to see the product's relations with brands, categories and find more products to purchase & navigate easily.
You can control what breadcrumbs items to display: brand, home or store name, full category path or even all available category consolidation to tell your customers and google all navigation possibilities.


Extension allow you to show products breadcrumbs in few modes from simplest one to larger and more informative:

  • Home > Product name
  • Store Name > Product name
  • Home > Brand > Product name
  • Store Name > Brand > Product name
  • Home > Category > Subcategory > Sub-Sub category > Product name
  • Home > Brand > Category > Subcategory > Sub-Sub category > Product name
  • Store Name > Brand > Category > Subcategory > Sub-Sub category > Product name
  • Store Name > Brand > All Products Categories trails> Product name (consolidation mode)
  • Home > Brand > Category > Subcategory > Sub-Sub category (without product name "optional")
  • Multiply breadcrumbs mode. Note: multiply mode available for 1.2.13 contact us if you need multiply breadcrumbs we will help.

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Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.6, 7+


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Version 1.0.0
Version 1.0.1
Fix: new hook
Software & Version required AbanteCart 1.2+
Product version 1.0.1
Type Design and Navigation, SEO
Tags breadcrumb, path, navigate, links

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