One-Click Specials Generator: by Categories, by Brands and more

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Addon Enables you to assign price reductions known as abantecart specials prices by category, manufacturer, etc. Select one or several categories, brands or combine them to one-click bulk apply a special price to products within selected categories and/or manufacturers.

For instance, you can set a rule that would say that for customers belonging to the "Wholesale" group would get 10% off on your Electronics category and all Nikon products for the first week of July.


  • Bulk adding/removing of abantecart specials by different filters and it's the combination (by categories, selected products, by brands, etc.)
  • Filter Multi selection
  • Categories and brands filter combine
  • Option to set the price percentage of the products price
  • Fixed amount special
  • Date range
  • Specials price per selected customers group selection
  • Product multi-selectione

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.6, 7+


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Version 1.0.0
Version 1.0.3
Fix: php 5.6 array
Version 1.0.4
Fix: category model issue
Software & Version required AbanteCart 1.2+ & 1.3+
Product version 1.0.5
Type Administration, Promotions and Marketing
Tags specials, price, discount, bulk change

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