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Bazaraki XML products feed is an abantecart plugin, written in PHP language in MVC framework, that allows website owners to quickly import abantecart products to bazaraki. Bazaraki server will upload the XML feed every hour and all changes will update on Bazaraki one hour and more, it depends on moderators loading. You’ll need account for this to work. Bazaraki XML abantecart feed includes price, product name, description, sale price if needed, images.

It comes with Location ID settings and rubric ids (It is Ad category ID on which store owners have to set for each category. This plugin allows you to generate an up-to-date list of abantecart products to your profile. drives highly qualified traffic directly to the product pages through an advanced search and categorization system.

What is Bazaraki? - No.1 classifieds website in Cyprus. On Bazaraki site you can buy, sell, swap or rent apartments, houses, phones, furniture, computers, laptops, find a job and much more.

Use the extension to syndicate your product list with an XML feed format for Bazaraki. By installing the Bazaraki XML Generator Plugin for abante cart, you'll no longer need to do a double submission. You upload the products to your website only and those are automatically posted at, in the corresponding category.

From the plugin settings, you can control the data of the XML file to be sent to bazaraki. For example, you can set data only from certain categories.

Add products

This is the XML file that is generated automatically when creating products. From the moment you give the link to the team, you will not need to do anything else.


  • Title's stop words
  • Option to set rubric for each abantecart category
  • Description clean up as required by Bazaraki
  • Option to show in the feed product's special or original price!
  • Title limit
  • Location id aka district
  • Feed sorting
  • Generate all products XML feed link
  • Auto-update on XML link visit

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.6, 7+
  • GD PHP Extension


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Version 1.0.0
Version 1.0.1
Added: title chars cleanup
Version 1.0.3
Added: extra space
Version 1.1.0
Code: refactoring php XMLWriter
Remove: html words limitation
Version 1.1.1
Code: utf8_decode
Version 1.2.0
regex fix
Software & Version required Abantecart 1.2 & 1.3+
Product version 1.2.0
Type Promotions and Marketing, Social Networks
Tags marketplace, feed, xml, export, Cyprus, ads

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