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JivoChat is a fast, easy, and stylish way to connect with your website customers.

Chat with visitors on your website.

To make JivoChat super easy to set up in an Abantecart-based website, you've provided a super handy integration plugin that'll handle all the setup for you, so you never have to touch a line of Abantecart code! Here, we'll walk you through all the steps needed to get JivoChat on your website.
Once the JivoChat Chat plugin is installed, all that's left is adding the JivoChat widget ID to AbanteCart. Inside the settings panel for JivoChat plugin, just paste your widget ID into the form and hit Save. Tada! You're done installing JivoChat on your website.


  • Easy to install.
  • Register Forever-free basic version available for up to 5 agents
  • Hide on the mobile setting.
  • Display only on product pages setting.
  • Visitors can expand the chatbox on your website to start chatting.
  • You can receive a push notification to your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and Mac when someone wants to chat.
  • See helpful information about each visitor: How long they've been on your site, current page, what city they are in, etc.
  • Select Chat window language in Jivochat account
    chat language


How does JivoChat benefit my business?

The Forever-free basic version available for up to 5 agents and reasonable price of Professional version
You probably get a lot more traffic than you realize, but customers often leave after getting confused and you're none the wiser. JivoChat helps you engage those customers before they leave. You'll see increased customer satisfaction and find out what the pain points of your website are.

JivoChat can receive messages from Viber! YAY!

connect viber to chat
JivoChat added a new integration with Viber messenger. With this integration, your agents will be able to receive messages directly from Viber public accounts into the Jivochat agent's app.


Assign all agents to Telegram account

You will be able to answer your client's questions immediately, and you'll also be able to continue the conversation with them anytime in the future. Telegram messenger is getting popular due to its simplicity, reliability, and possibility to code messages. It takes just a few minutes to liaise with Telegram. chat telegram Telegram Jivochat demo


Chat with Facebook users via your Facebook page in JivoChat! You'll increase the response speed and will ensure that no customers will be lost.

live chat Create JivoChat Account NOW

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.3, 5.6, 7+


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Version 2.0.1
Fix: installatoin querry
Version 2.0.4
Jivochat installation code
Software & Version required AbanteCart 1.2+ & 1.3+
Product version 2.0.6
Type Communication
Tags chat, live chat, analytics, viber, telegram, message, facebook messenger

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