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Add a Google Sign-In button to your abantecart shop. Automatic registration and hassle-free login

How does Google login extension work?

Gmail Login extension helps you add text to Google Sign-In Button easily. When you set up a Google login on your store, the customers will see a link to Google page at the Sign-in page. When the visitor clicks on the Google Login button, if he is already registered on your site, he will be directly logged into the web store's customer account page. If he is there on your website for the first time (User not registered already), he will be asked to provide his Google login credentials. After that, the customer account will be created.

Plugin Features

  • Quick register process and quick login process with one mouse click.
  • Upload your custom button image, Google suggests using the Sign-In Branding Guidelines. Using the standard Google Sign-In button is strongly recommended as it enables Google users to more quickly identify the Google option.
  • custom heading text
  • create an account on login

Setup the Google login

To set up the Google login, you need Google Client Id and Google Client Secret.

  • Visit Click Create credentials > OAuth client ID.
    set up the Google login
  • Select the Web application type.
  • Enter a Name for your application.
  • You must enter an Authorised JavaScript origin and the Authorised redirect URI https://YOUR_WEBSITE/index.php?rt=extension/gmail_login/callback
    set up the Google login URLs
  • Click CREATE. Copy the Client ID and secret key. Paste into the abantecart Gmail Login extension settings
    OAuth client secret and ID

System Requirements

  • PHP 5.6+
  • CURL PHP Extension
  • SSL


Version 1.0.0
Version 1.2.0
Gmail guzzlehttp lib upgrade; bootstrap 5 theme support
Software & Version required AbanteCart 1.2+ & 1.3+
Product version 1.2.0
Type Communication, Social Networks

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