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Digital Font created and based on only surviving play script Sir Thomas More to contain Shakespeare's handwriting created 1601-04. Three pages of the manuscript, ff. 8r, 8v, and 9r [British Library, Shelfmark: Harley MS 7368] have been identified as Shakespeare’s, based on handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, and the images and ideas expressed.

Unusual Looking Letters

c has a vertical line through it

h has modern e look

d may have a curly top

s sometimes can look like an f, either with no horizontal bar but we use in font the s like version used usually at the end of words in the play manuscript.

The letter can be written very lavishly, with curls and loops.

Capital S has 2 versions in manuscript and in know W. Shakespeare's signature William Shakespeare Signature In the digital version of the font, we preferred the manuscript version.


Numbers and Capitals

There are no digits in Shakespeare manuscript to fill this gap in the font we digitalize the Bank Books figures from 1600-1800. Furthermore, the absence of a few letters also filled with approximation artwork (eg. capital j, k, x) and middle edges manuscripts and letters.

William Shakespeare manuscript font digital example

Shakespeare Installable font can be used in almost any text or graphic editor (Microsoft Word, OS X Pages, Adobe Photoshop... etc).  Shakespeare digital font

Technical info

Total chars: 128

No bold version. One regular font style with regular font-weight

X-height: 958

Cap height: 1434


Licenses options

Standard End User License: A Standard User License is issued with individual font purchases. Standard end-user licenses are best suited for individuals and small organizations or in instances when only a limited number of individuals will need access to the desired typeface.

Paper Publication License: up to 10 000 of the commercial distribution of paper copies.

Electronic Publication (ePub) License: an electronic publication license can be used in electronic documents including e-books, e-magazines, and e-newspapers. A license covers only a single title but is valid for the full operating life of that title. Every issue of an e-magazine, e-newspaper, or other forms of e-periodical is considered a separate, new publication. Format variations do not count as separate publications. If a publication is updated and distributed to existing users, a new license is not required. 

Let's enjoy Shakespeare's expressions and British culture in the modern digital world.

Special thanks to  Andrew Dickson and British Library curators

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